About me

Welcome to my blog page!  I hope that by scrolling through here you get a chance to know me and my passion (err… obsession? That’s probably more accurate) for catching life’s best moments.  I love how a select few pictures can paint the entire story of someone’s wedding day; when you can look at a photograph and feel connected to the subject simply because “in-the-moment” emotion was captured; or how one amazing shot can forever bury the thought of “I am not a photogenic person”.  I hope that’s what you find here; pictures filled with spirit, laughter, and life!  So grab a cup of joe, relax, and enjoy the scroll!

Ps: When you’re done, feel free to shoot me an email at PureImagesStudio@gmail.com to chat about your upcoming day! xo

           photo by my good friend, Sara Martin of Concept Photography


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