Mother’s Day Minisessions!

Mother’s Day has snuck up on us! Sunday May 13th… If you are looking for a great Mother’s day gift for your Mom ((or hello Dad’s! A great way to steal the heart (again) of the most wonderful woman in the world… the mother of your children!)) What better gift then a mini-session photo shoot of Mom & her babies (of all ages! Because no matter how old they get, they’ll always be her babies.) XO

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Michelle + Jeff = Baby Olivia

Oh Riverbend Park… you have a serious hold over me with your cascading trees and dancing light. Add in beautiful *glowing*, soon-to-be parents and …. sheer magic! Its steals my wool. I can’t wait to meet beautiful baby Liv {prepare for some adorable blogs after her arrival!} and watch mommy and daddy’s heart burst with pride over the newest member of their growing family. xoxo

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Tamara & Tony’s Wedding

I loved photographing this wedding for our good friends, Tamara & Tony. A perfect match… a fireman and a vet. He rescues cats out of trees and she bandages them up : ) Not only do they have a big love for each other, they have a big love for animals… With 8 cats and 2 dogs, they must! You’ll get to see a couple of the fur-babies as you scroll down. Congratulations Tamara & Tony! I love you and your wild kingdom and I couldn’t be more excited as you embark on your new adventure as husband and wife!! xoxo

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Elisa & Chandler’s Wedding

This wedding was a total surprise. Most of my brides call me throughout the year to discuss… well, you name it, I’m sure we’ve talked about it. Elisa was different… like water in a jar. Calm and steady. Handled and planned everything on her own. I walked in blindly to the most beautiful wedding. Another pleasant surprise? During the reception, the band, Re-Mix (incredible by the way!) opened the mic to anyone who wanted to make a speech! Oh Lordy, here we go… I assumed the worst. But you know what? Toast after lovely toast, they came one by one. At least a dozen toasts were given that night! And by the end, we were all in love. So one last raise of the glass to a beautiful couple, a beautiful love. Congratulations Elisa & Chandler!

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