Cousins *Vintage* Shoot

I gotta be honest here… I was both excited and nervous to do this shoot. I figured I was going to have my hands full… Five, three-year-olds and two, one-year olds. I was hoping for the best, anticipating the worst, and brought provisions just in case! Let me tell you about these little stinkers… They were the sweetest little things! I wanted to take them all home with me! I actually had to beg them to run around and play, instead of sitting and smiling for the camera! Crazy on my part, right? What can I say… I enjoy the carefree, natural smiles as opposed to the posed ones : )  I just had the best time and loved being apart of their little family for a day, and by scrolling through here, I hope you do too!

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4 thoughts on “Cousins *Vintage* Shoot

  1. Vicki


    A beautiful showcase of your amazing talent and a lovely tribute to family in this vintage “cousins” shoot.

  2. Charla

    What precious shots!

  3. Ada (Jen's Mom)

    Those pictures were amazing. You hit this photo shoot out of the park.

  4. You are so amazing, i love these!!

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