Michelle + Casey’s Wedding

This post is long overdue. With the ease of Facebook, photos get uploaded and thats it. Blogging, on the other hand, takes time and thought…. I could  seriously ramble on for 10 pages about how great this wedding was! So how do I get it out in a few short sentences? I can’t. I’m sorry. But I’ll tell you…  I love how easy going this couple is. How their wedding reflected that. How the bride was counting down the days on Facebook until she was Mrs Beeler : )  Looking back, I even love the torrential downpour that came right after the ceremony (thankfully we got through the formals in the knick of time!) for a couple of reasons… 1.) The gorgeous light that made its way through after the skies cleared and 2.) I get to reshoot what we missed out on… a ride on an antique firetruck! Stay tuned for those and in the meantime, enjoy Michelle & Casey’s wedding!

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3 thoughts on “Michelle + Casey’s Wedding

  1. Beautiful Jenn!

  2. Love love love! I am always looking at these photos and reliving that day! You captured it perfectly 🙂 Thank you so much Jen! We love you ❤

  3. Ada (Jen's Mom)

    Wow what a great job you did on these wedding pictures.
    Best Wishes to the Happy Couple!

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