Tatiana’s Senior Shoot

This year is my 10 year high school reunion.  It feels like just yesterday I was driving around in my Camaro with my two best girlfriends, windows rolled down, jammin’ out to *NSYNC (back when $20 would fill up the gas tank).  Well, shooting Senior pictures for the beautiful Tatiana brought me back to those days…. Pep rallies and football games, biology labs and cafeteria lunches. Writing “I {heart} John” all over my fourth period notebook.  Homecoming and Senior Prom. Reciting Romeo and Juliet to the geek in the next seat for the over-zealous English teacher.  Ahhhh, sweet, sweet memories.  Some say these are the best years of your life. Not me. Senior year is going to be amazing for you, so enjoy it to its fullest potential. But in my opinion, the adventure is only beginning!!! All the best, Tatiana!

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One thought on “Tatiana’s Senior Shoot

  1. Vicki

    Wow! Jen. You’ve done it again. Beautiful photo shoot of Tatiana.

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