Johnny {hearts} Nonna + Grandpa

Blessed… that’s what we are.  Between both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and lots of good friends, we have a lot of love surrounding us (and little John bears the brunt of all their kisses).  Speaking of grandparents, I got to do a quick photo shoot with JR’s Nonna & Grandpa.  His belly was full, so he was a happy boy (that’s Johnny, not Grandpa… well, Grandpa too), plus Nonna was blowing raspberries at him, so we got some smiles!  Unfortunately for Grandpa, Johnny’s full belly didn’t last long! He got pooped on and went home wearing his cowboy boots and a pair of big John’s shorts.  Lucky for us, Grandpa has a good sense of humor and laughed it off, saying, “I hope I don’t get pulled over tonight wearing this!”  Hehehe!!  Like I said, we are blessed!

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One thought on “Johnny {hearts} Nonna + Grandpa

  1. Good job on the pics babe. Now if you can get my dad not to look right into the camera on certain shots you’ll be good.

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